Wholehearted Healing Training

 Understand yourself and your clients

“The Wholehearted Healing system is inspirational, educational and life changing. Discover skills and methods that create transformational changes for you and your clients.”

This inspirational training allows you to learn and practice the Wholehearted Healing system. In this training you will become proficient in the skills and tools to help your clients heal from a multi-dimensional, multi-level perspective.

Along with theoretical understanding of the map of the human system itself, you will learn to understand the territory from the inside out, exploring and discovering your own internal landscape within each level.

From the physical to the energy, emotional, mental, spiritual and nondual, each level within the Wholehearted Healing system has its own structure, anatomy and physiology.

Each level interacts with all the other levels, affecting and affected by all levels. This system provides a broad and comprehensive overview, incorporating information from current brain science, adrenal and neurotransmitter function and research within the physical level, energy psychology, mindfulness and nondual practices.

Spiritual Training

Through the understanding and the practice of this system, it becomes possible to navigate your own unique “map” of your being, create the “user’s manual” of your own system, and make transformational changes in your body, mind and life.

Wholehearted Healing
Professional Training

Become a Certified Practitioner of the Wholehearted Healing system.

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Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 1: Introduction

Introduction to the “map of the human system” – theoretical and practical understanding of the map. Learn the “anatomy and physiology” of each level of the system, and how each level interacts with the other levels.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 2: Manifestation

Understand the art and science of manifestation, or bringing creativity/thought into form. Learn to set goals in accordance with your deepest truth, to identify any conscious or unconscious “programs”/beliefs/feelings blocking the manifestation of those goals, and how to work on those blocks in a positive, life-affirming manner.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 3: The Spiritual Level

Focus will be on the ability to access Guidance/Deepest Wisdom/ the ability to “see beyond the appearance” of things. In this section we will also practice using our “sight” from this level to “see” others. Focus will also be on mindfulness and development of the Witness.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 4: The Mental Level

Learn and identify operative “programs” in the conscious and unconscious mind, both general to all humans and specific to yourself or the person you are working with. Understand how those programs, formed from deeply held beliefs, and keeping you/others stuck in old, often repetitive patterns.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 5: The Emotional Level

Study and learn the Emotional Layering system. Understand how programs from the Mental level interact with the emotional system, and how this in turn affects the physical body.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 6: The “Energy Body” Level

Learn what it consists of, how it is involved and interwoven throughout all the other levels. Specific focus will be on how to access information from the energy body level and how to clear and balance energy within the energy body itself.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 7: The Physical Level

Learn the latest research in brain science, the connection between our nervous system and the Adrenal glands, and neurotransmitters. Learn the “language of symptoms” – how the body speaks for us via symptomology.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 8: The Nondual Level

Learn to rest in pure awareness and access pure presence from the nondual perspective.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 9: Putting it all Together

Group and partner exercises to practice using the “map of the human system”, setting goals, identifying blocks, and working through them.

Wholehearted Healing TrainingSection 10: Practice Practice Practice

We will practice using the Wholehearted Healing system with each other. Bring in questions regarding clients.

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