The Science of Manifestation

with Dr. Hilary Stuart

We already know how to manifest.

Every moment we color and embellish the world we have created and hold together with our thoughts. Manifestation is simply a flow from thought into the creation of a form. It’s possible to manifest anything if there is nothing blocking the flow.

The Science of Manifestation
Wholehearted Healing

What is the “Flow”?

The Flow is the most powerful force in the universe and is inside of us. It arises from within our luminous spiritual core, giving us our breath and our life force, held together and created by love. At any point, we may block our ability to access this internal flow. And, when obstructed, instead of manifesting our hopes and dreams, we manifest the physical representation of the block.

Blocks in manifestation

Blocks come in many shapes and sizes

The blocks that we are interested in studying generally come from the unconscious mind, often in the form of beliefs or emotions that we formed in response to either our conditioned upbringing or traumas that occurred in the past. Denied and forgotten by our conscious mind, these old highly charged emotions or beliefs remain hidden to us, but exert a strong influence in our lives, manifesting repeating patterns or physical symptoms.

The conscious study of manifestation is a profound and powerful journey into the very essence of our spiritual nature. At the basis of all creative thought is love. And so, when tenderly and carefully unraveled, we will find love palpably present and flowing deep within every desire to manifest and every solid form that already exists. Manifestation is, in fact, love in action.

Wholehearted Healing

Conscious Manifestation

It is possible to learn how to manifest consciously, and remove blocks within each level of our being by working within the Illuminated Healing Systems map of the human system.

The 5 steps in the Manifestation Process

  1. Be as clear as possible as to what you want to manifest – establish your goal.
  2. Identify the blocks within each level.
  3. Work on and clear the blocks within each level.
  4. “Fait accomplait” – the living daydream. Act as if you your goal were already true
  5. Give up the goal. Allow the flow of universal life energy to bring it to you if appropriate.

Learn more about the Science of Manifestation and Illuminated Healing Systems – The Map of the Human System.

Channeled from the Spirit of Manifestation

Grab a paper and pen, get loose and write anything. Enjoy the process itself, watching the ink flow as you write the words. This is a form of manifestation itself – the setting of thought into a form that the eye can read.

Mind creates thought. Thought travels to muscle and nerves. Fingers move and symbols that have meaning appear on a page. What joy! Manifestation is a flow, which, when unimpeded, can bud into the fruition of a form. It is a flow from thought to form, the same as writing words on a page. Thought is a myriad of creative possibilities – anything can be put into form if there is no restriction to the flow.

Returning to the paper and pen example, what happens if you want to write something but don’t know what to say? Or if you don’t have a paper or a pen? Perhaps your muscles or nerves don’t work, or you are blind, or you don’t know how to write? You will not be able to write words on a piece of paper if restricted in such a way.

Spirit of manifestation

Beyond that, it’s possible to think you don’t deserve to write on that piece of paper, or that what you have to say is irrelevant and has no worth. These are different thoughts, often held in the unconscious mind, which impede the manifestation of your desired goal, but often manifest the thoughts created by the beliefs and emotions themselves.

In other words, we may see within our life that because we believe we are unworthy to write on the page, we have indeed made it so. And until we find, challenge and change that thought, we will have patterns of unworthiness manifested in our lives over and over again.

Thought in its pure form is the manifested expression of love in creation, and that is the true nature of the science of manifestation itself. There is great joy for love to be seen manifested in form. When one looks to the very nature of form, it becomes apparent that all is made out of love.

One could say that manifestation, the creation of form from thought, is love in action.