The Map of the Human System

by Dr. Hilary Stuart

We are multi-dimensional beings, and we can learn to understand and know ourselves from a multidimensional perspective.

Each level of our being has its own structure – its own anatomy and physiology, its own way of functioning. Each level affects the other levels and can be explored both externally and internally.

When we use our consciousness to explore inside, we create a deep connection to ourselves. We begin to appreciate and honor ourselves. Thus the process itself is healing.

Spiritual Training

Understand the science and learn how to use your intuition to navigate the 6 multidimensional integrated levels of the Wholehearted Healing map:

Human System

Physical – how the body functions and responds to thoughts and emotions

Energy – how to balance your energy body for better flow and function

Emotional – the emotional layering system

Mental – access the unconscious mind to identify old patterns of beliefs

Spiritual – realize your own deepest wisdom

Source Consciousness – rest in Pure Awareness and

Unconditional Love

A gift!

I am thrilled to offer you a printable poster for the Map of the Human System and the Overview. Please enjoy it with my warmest wishes. Just click on the image to download the PDF.

I hope you enjoy this gift! If you are interested in learning more about the Map of the Human System I welcome your contact.