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Are you dealing with issues that limit your quality of life?

Are you failing to reach your goals or manifest what you want in life?

Are you struggling to achieve your health goals?


You are not alone…

Over 30 years as a Naturopathic Physician, I have developed Wholehearted Healing to help you understand...

WHY things are manifesting as they are currently in your life

HOW your body, mind and spirit work – your “operating system”

HOW to find the root cause of your symptoms

HOW to make transformational changes that lead to healing


I look forward to meeting with you.

Work with Hilary

Let's Work Together

Join me in this journey of Wholehearted Healing. I work with individuals, couples & families in a great environment to help you achieve your goals.

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Professional Training

Professional Training

Become a practitioner and discover how to use the Wholehearted Healing system with your clients to help them on their journey of healing & transformation.

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Becoming a Coach

Become a Certified Wholehearted Healing Coach and work with people to help manifest their goals. You can help people gain incredible insight into their lives.

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Nancy Zavada Co-founder of Green Meetings Industrial Council, and President of MeetGreen

“Working with Hilary Farberow-Stuart over the years has significantly changed my life.

Her ability to address concerns on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels, allows for a truly wholehearted approach to healing.”

Wholehearted Resources

Map of the Human System The Science of Manifestation

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